Updating google cache

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Updating google cache

Here are examples of pages that you control: If the content is on a website that you control, or is managed by an account that you control (for example, in your Blogger page), or you are the verified site owner in Google Search Console, here is how to remove your content from Google Search results.If the page where the information came from is no longer on the web, or it is now protected by a login, file a URL removal request.Do you own the code or is it hosted by someone else?Here are a few articles that may help your question: seroundtable.com/google-content-hidden-dynamic-20653// productforums.google.com/forum/#!

I personally like a few day delay in the Google Cache.Even if you remove information from Google Search results, you'll probably have to take further steps to remove it from the web. Information in Google Search results is taken from a source: often, but not always, a web page.You need to know the source of that content, and who controls that resource, in order to block or remove it.Please remember that Google doesn’t own the web; we just help you find stuff on it.If you don’t like something on a website that Google doesn’t own, we really can’t make the website owner remove it, we can only remove it from Google Search results (if appropriate). However, if you think there is a legal or Google Policy violation, see Removing search results for a page that you control won’t prevent someone who has a link from sharing that link with others.

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Please visit our website and its cached copy at webcache.googleusercontent.com/search? you can clearly see that contents(images and text) is entirely different.

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